Families Love CBI Preschool

“My two children love this program! My four-year old talks about the fun playgrounds, the lovely teachers, and the new friends she’s making. My two-year old runs to the teachers in the morning, smiling. We have been impressed with the quality of the materials, the caring teachers, and the wonderful play areas (inside and outside). We are very excited to start the school year with CBI!”
– Kate M.

“We are so happy with the summer camp experience Leighton had! He enjoyed every day full of fun, warmth and the teachers were just so loving! There were creative activities and every day at pickup he was excited to tell me something fun about the day! In the midst of everything going on right now, in-person camp was exactly what these kids needed more than anything for their growth and development! Thank you, CBI!!”
– Milena G.

“The CBI Preschool is a wonderful environment! The teachers are loving, warm and have tons of experience. We are thrilled our daughter has grown and developed into a curious, loving and passionate little lady. Families are treated like family, and that’s rare these days. We can’t recommend CBI highly enough!!!”
– Loren L.

“Our son has learned much — academically, personally, and most importantly how to share, be a friend, and participate in group activities. At the heart of CBI Preschool are the teachers. Their clarity of focus on the children, their needs as little, growing people, and knowledge of how to run a joy-filled and organized pre-school is tremendous. We highly recommend this experience for all children!”
– Brenda F.

“We moved to Millburn during the winter and our son began mid-year at the CBI Preschool in the Pre-K program. The warmth and support we received upon our son joining the school was amazing. It’s truly a supportive, nurturing environment and we can’t recommend the program enough! Now our daughter has begun in the 2’s program and is thriving. Thank you to all the teachers and staff at CBI Preschool that make this program more than just a nursery school but also a lovely community!”
– Rhee N.

“The CBI Preschool was the best experience for my daughter!! She had a lot of trouble separating from me and the entire staff worked with me every single day until my daughter was happy!! I highly recommend sending your child to CBI!! It’s a great first experience!!”
– Erica F.

“After spending a few minutes touring the CBI Preschool it became clear to me that was where I wanted to send my kids. The facilities are great and the teachers and program director really are top notch. The children learn so much in such a warm, caring environment. I couldn’t be happier and my kids are thriving!”
– Lauren S.

“When my family and I were making the transition from NYC to Millburn, we did some research and found that The CBI Preschool had the best reviews. We signed our daughter up for the 2’s program and she loved it. She is now in the 3’s program and our son is enjoying the transitional 2’s class. The CBI Preschool also has a variety of programs in addition to the traditional preschool program such as summer camp and after school activities. I highly recommend CBI!”
– Annie T.

“As the father of three daughters who have all “graduated” from the CBI Preschool, I could not have asked for a more warm, nurturing and friendly “first school” environment for our children. Not only did our girls make friends that are among their closest to this day, my wife and I made lifelong friends!”
– David G.

“Our family moved into the area a year ago and we were welcomed at CBI with open arms. The warmth was a grounding force helping us make sense out of the chaos of moving. Our four-year old daughter fit right in with her new classmates! We’ve been so happy with the values instilled and felt such a strong sense of community that there was no doubt in our hearts about enrolling our two year old this year. We feel very fortunate to be a part of this wonderful family!”
– Marienala C.