What Makes Us Different

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We Proudly Offer:

  • Jewish Curriculum
    • Our programs are interwoven with Jewish values, teachings, traditions, and practices.
  • A Play-Based Learning Philosophy
    • Children learn through play by creating, experimenting, role-playing, and being exposed to a variety of age-appropriate experiences. 
  • STEAM Activities
    • We emphasize Science, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics through its play-based activities. Technology is integrated only as a tool when developmentally appropriate for learning.  
  • Loose Parts Classroom
    • This “Imagination Station” allows each child to use recyclable materials to create inventions and endless creations of their own
  • State Of The Art Facility
    • Our school renovation was completed in 2010 and offers a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces for classroom learning and gross-motor development. We also have modern spaces for community events and gatherings. 
  • Certified Teachers 
    • Our staff is comprised of certified head and assistant teachers with many years of teaching experience.
  • Two Fully Enclosed Playgrounds 
    • We have a riding toys area for scooters and toddler cars, a shaded sandbox area, and a climbing playground. The riding area has a continuous rubber surface and the climbing playground has a wood chip base. 
  • Active Families Association for all CBI Preschool Parents
    • Parents/guardians are encouraged to help plan programs that will enhance their own and their child’s time at our school. Examples of program activities include adult socials, play dates at the park, preschool volunteer opportunities, and much more.
  • Children’s Lending Library
    • The school library consists of over 1,800 children’s books on a variety of topics which are available for the children to borrow and take home on a weekly basis.
  • Nurturing Social Environment
    • Teachers are attentive to and respectful of each child and provide an atmosphere of warmth and caring.
  • Age-appropriate Activities And Equipment 
    • The fully-outfitted classrooms are complete with learning centers and opportunities for children to explore and discover.
  • Children’s Garden 
    • Our child-directed garden allows our preschoolers to explore science, nature, and our environment by caring for and growing plants.
  • Small Class Size In Bright, Cheerful Classrooms
    • Our teacher/child ratio is two adults per twelve students with a maximum class size of twelve.